Hay Day: Tips and Tricks for the Farm

Hay Day is a popular game, with a few tips it can be even more successful. We show you a few tricks by which the game play is still more fun.

hay day tips and cheats

Hay Day Tip # 1: Friends help you through the game

The Farm game Hay Day is for Android , but also for iOS available. It is characterized mainly by its social factors. We show you how:

  • If you help your friends in the game, then you too can expect help. First and foremost, give and take a major role in Hay Day.
  • You can also trade with other players – and it pays off, because you will receive coins when you access other gamers on their farm under the arms.

Hay Day Tip 2: Get more coins

Coins are your game currency, which is why you need them necessarily in Hay Day. We’ll show you how you can generate as much money:

  • Beat regularly virtual newspaper the farm on, because here you can for sale. In addition, goods can have on the ship or on the booth and so you get more coins to.
  • not that enough, so you can visit friends on the farm and there open the treasure chests.Furthermore, you can make your friends ask for money.
  • You think also the fact that even people stop by on your farm and may want to buy something. Do not forget to serve them.

Hay Day Tip 3: Get enough building material

When you complete certain tasks at Hay Day, then you can get building material. We show you can include which tasks and how to reach as quickly as possible on the construction material.

  • Feed your animals, you harvest your fields or hoard you certain , then you will receive subsequently building material.
  • It is important that you quickly and consecutively perform the tasks, because in this way you collect a large amount of the material and may soon open up new buildings.

Many fans of the game also want to Hay Day on computer . We will see in another practical tip, if you can also play on PC Hay Day  . you can even use this hay day cheats tool to get free diamonds and coins without any survey.


boom beach tips and tricks

In this guide we bring you everything you must know how to stop  attack on Boom Beach for the first time.In the final part of the guide we have introduced five tricks to attack Boom Beach. Pay attention to these tricks that will help you raise yourself to victory in each attack.

What I get to attack my enemy?

First of all I want to remind you that you should not limit yourself to build and improve your island only with the resources offered by your island. There will come a time when these resources will be little or no and will need to obtain them attacking your enemy, attacking his island.

To attack enemy islands you not only get the resources you need, you also get medals , which serve to increase your position in the global or local ranking and achieve be among the best. It is recalled that also learn new strategies for getting a better attack on your next enemy.

Attack on Boom Beach as an enemy:

1. To attack an enemy you must create troops. These troops will create in the landing craft , touching these will display a window showing you the troops you have and the amount of gold needed to create them.

As you can see, a certain level is needed Headquarters to create other units. Slowly and with patience will achieve up the headquarters and create troops as you want.

2. Once created the troops must go to the map. In it you will see the great archipelago on your island and the islands of the enemy is located. When you toces the enemy island and explore options appear Attack.

3. If das Explore will see their island and plan your strategy. When you click to attack, you dirigirás to the enemy island and there appear your troops. To get the troops simply choose troop you want to use and you click on where you want them out.

Exploring enemy island and attacking enemy island

4. Once this is done you should support your troops with the tools offered by your gunboat , from health kits to Artillery Fire Heavy according to’ve unlocked.

5. Can you see how your troops destroy enemy buildings, these will yield you energy for your gunship and also make the GHQ enemy easier to destroy. Remember that the more enemies you destroy more health lose Headquarters .

6. If you succeed in your mission you destrirás the Headquarters enemy.  As a reward you will get resources from enemy island, Stones of Power for your Sculpture Workshop and Medals to climb in the Ranking of the game.

7. If you have troops who have survived the enemy attack return to your base to be used in further attacks.

Five Tips to attack Boom Beach

  1. Before attack on Boom Beach hack , the most essential is to explore the enemy island and make a strategy.With this you get dive deeper into enemy territory to destroy their defenses and reach out with the win and rewards hands.
  2. Use the flares to direct your troops to the defense or create more dangerous to avoid the same and go to the HQ to destroy it .
  3. Missiles destroy buildings with the enemy puts together and achieved it gain much more energy that will support you for your gunship .
  4. Thugs used to protect your troops serving as human shields, combining this with Zucas is an attack that surely will give you victory, since Zucas use their great damage and long – distance attack.
  5. Headquarters advantage when enemy is unprotected , this occurs because some players improperly placed defenses deprotecting the HQ , this is your perfect opportunity to sneak out and achieve your goal.

Now for the different types of enemies in Boom Beach

We’ve already taught as generally to attack your enemies, now it’s time you learn what the different opponents you’ll face in Boom Beach. Besides knowing the various strategies that will help you achieve your objetico, which is to destroy your base and get their resources.

Agario ( spacebar, w … to divide some essential tips to win

It is the summer game! After Candy Crush, you will all plunge into this new addictive toy that consists of eating and being eaten. Until you want to move. We help you with some tips given by pros already kind.
agario tips and tricks for grow bigger

You are addicted to Nothing more normal, rest assured, as the Pac Man of modern times is becoming the big fad of the moment. At the head of sales of free applications (before WhatsApp Messenger and Snapchat) is indisputably the phenomenon of the moment . Eating and eating could be schematically summarized the rules of this extremely simple game where, at the head of a kind of small molecule, you aim to grow by eating your opponents to hoist you up the rankings.

But now, past the first parts to make your hand, you would now acquire a decent knowledge of your competitors, which are divided as quickly as you swallow you in screen corners? We gleaned some from specialists:

Tips and Tricks For Agario

– With the spacebar , you can split you in two lower half sized balls, and throw you fast forward. This tactic is necessary to escape predators but beware, being dual attracts twice as many attacks.
To resume your original form, wait a few moments for the fusion occurs naturally.

– With the w key , you can drop a small part of your cell, you will be faster in your movements.

– Important: you can only eat smaller cells than yours. Trying to swallow the spheres of your waist will make you lose time.

– Do not go in the corners if you are small, you do not would come out alive.However, once you have gained weight, on the contrary push your opponents in these limits. This is a very good tactic.

– If you opt for the party to a number, you can decide with your teammate that deliberately kills over you (sic) to make you gain weight “for free”.

– Do not touch any green balls , you lose immediately. Also be careful, some players in green cells decide to take the nickname “.” To induce their competitors in error.

– Instead, use these green balls to hide behind when you are attacked, so your opponents can no longer touch you.

– Last tip: when a competitor has split with the spacebar, you can annoy you by wedging between the two spheres so that he could not re-merge (gniark gniark).

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All tricks Clash Royale: level up fast, letters, chests and battles

Clash Royale is one of the currently fashionable games for mobile devices. A game that combines letters and set in the world of Clash of Clans strategy, another set of known leftovers, so that we speak then of all his tricks to move forward. Then Clash All tricks Royale: level up fast, letters, chests and battles.


All tricks Clash Royale: Level Up Fast

Level up fast is essential and that all aficionarnos nothing more start playing Clash Royale is something that we will want to do. This is actually what is known as reaching the “King Level” top level is something difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

If you want to start leveling up while you’re playing, it will be as difficult to say, but you have some “tricks” such as:

  • Joining a clan . If you join a clan, you can get so automatic with experience points to level up.
  • Dona letters . If you donate cards to your friends game you can see reward rewarded with experience points with 5 + 3 gems.
  • Exceeds arenas . When you have reached the arena 2 will have a reward of 5 points + 3 gems.
  • Sum 20 cards . If you get 20 cards chests (for example), you can purchase a total of 5 experience points + 3 gems.
  • And watches TV a battle Royale . If you stop and look at a battle on TV Royale (bottom right icon of all), you’ll earn more points. experience will allow you to level up.
  • Level up the characters . If you do an “upgrade” to the characters will spend coins, but in return we will upload level and step climb our level of Clash king Royale.

All tricks Clash Royale: Cards

clash royale cards

With the Cards you can form armies are so important. To do this you must know what they are, for they serve and what we can get from each of them.

With each battle only we can use 8 cards , so you must know them well and thereby achieve superior combinations. To start you should know that there are three main types of cards: common, rare and epic.

Common cards

They come more often and are part of all the chests, whatever type what they are. The characters in these letters have less resistance to what the characters of rare or epic cards. These are:

  • gentleman
  • Discharge
  • Minion Horde
  • minions
  • barbarians
  • Mortar
  • Bomb
  • arrows
  • Tesla
  • goblins
  • Goblins with spears
  • archers
  • skeletons
  • Canon

These are the cards with which to form your army at the beginning of the game and even if they are low power, are very useful to combine them with more powerful cards of other types of cards.


They are more important than stock charts, but appear less frequently in the chests of gold and magic chests. The characters of these cards have a higher life bar and inflict more damage to our enemies. These are:

  • mini PEKKA
  • Collector elixir
  • Magician
  • Musketeer
  • Giant
  • Valkyrie
  • Rider pork
  • Torre pump
  • hell tower
  • goblin cabin
  • tombs
  • barbarous cabin
  • Rocket
  • Ball of fire

We can combine with characters from the common cards, so it is also valuable than the level up.

Epic cards

The most difficult letters to acquire and more powerful than all the others. Only we have within the magic chests.These are:

  • PEKKAClash Royale
  • Prince
  • golem
  • Mirror
  • dragon baby
  • Witch
  • giant skeleton
  • X-Bow
  • Balloon
  • Navy skeletons
  • Rage
  • Goblin barrel
  • Ray
  • Ice

We will have fourteen cards of each type , and a maximum of 42 cards. But remember that you can only use eight.

Along with the division by type, the letters are further divided into: letters troops (used for attack and defense), building cards (protect a location or make them appear new troops), and spell cards (attack and defense) ,although the latter can only be used once.

All tricks Clash Royale: Chests

clash royale free chests

The chests are important as a reward because they are a source of resources. The we can get to win every battle, with which we will receive a chest by battle and within them have things like letters, gems and gold, but know that there are several types of chests.

This article will be helpful on : how to get free chests in clash royale

Wooden chests : They are free chests and recharged every four hours. In elloso we will always find gold, gems and two cards (although less power) They are the best to collect gems while they are the only ones that contain them and these we need to move forward. It is best to get into the game at least every eight hours, because we can only build two of these chests unopened.

Chest crown : You can unlock or open this box if you get at least 10 crowns, one for each tower destroyed in each game. You may not get to win battles, but every time you destroy a tower sumarás a crown . When you’ve opened this box will have to wait at least 24 hours to get back to unlock it . This box also gives us gold letters and occasionally can have gems.

Silver casket : It is perhaps the chest opens when we won more battles. In this box we have gold and four cards,besides having an opening time of 3 hours, so that when you win one and will take three hours to open it open if for it, do not use gems.

Golden Chest : A chest . Containing gold and 14 letters, at least one rare This chest has an unlocked 8 hours, or can pay a moderate sum of gems if you want to unlock before.

Magic Chest: This would be like a box “star” because it contains gold and 41 letters, at least one epic eight rare.But it takes 12 hours open, unless you sacrifice several gems.

Along with the above, it should be added that the silver casket and the gold and the magic can also get in the store for 30, 80 or 400 gems respectively . If you want to improve in the game and open chests in the game it is the best, but yes, we can only open one in each game and as much accumulate four closed.

All tricks Clash Royale: Battles

The battles are an essential part of the game, for among other things get, chests, letters and of course, level up, but we must not forget that we need to win them elixir, which will be the energy they consume our letters.

When we get a letter and place it on one of our decks (ocolección battle) we realize that a small dwelling drop appears in the top left on all cards, with a number inside: that is the amount of elixir they consume. Or what is the same, the amount of elixir that we will have to pay to get them out of our hand to the battlefield.

With cadabatalla will have a bar elixir elixir with 10 points, which will be spending as we move combining and playing with our letters and slowly regenerate during battle.

The exilir regenerates only (there is even a letter elixir gathering); but also when 60 seconds left for the end of the match the elixir will multiply, so before finishing the battle will draw more cards more often.

How to Win the Clash Royale with these Tips and Tricks

Now we have explained the tricks to move forward in Clash Royale and how even can win, but if you want now we summarize and add others, with these tips and tricks:

Let me do the work towers

If you attack the tower, contraataquesm is better to wait until the enemy is within the range of our tower, and it distract him from the tower attack who finished with him.

No wait to keep elixir

Do not wait for the enemy run roughshod. When you play and get the most of elixir and throws do not expect any letters because if you can not lose.

-Get More elixir

If you want to win Clash Royale, one of the keys is to have more elixir that your enemy, and to do the best, is to destroy the enemy cards through letters that are lower cost, that is, spend less elixir than the enemy. you can use our clash royale hack tool to get it for free too.

‘Do not obsess over the attack

Not good surprise attack a tower, even if it seems a good idea, but it is better to be patient and see what your strategy is enemigo.No elixir waste much less effort.

-Ataca The tower that is weaker

You should start attacking a tower and not two, but in case you’ve lost life of one of your towers, and your enemy has the same in both, it is better that attacks on the same side where you have the tower weaker .

-Use Cards with head

Use cards with logic. If we Arrows, it is better for example crumple to the attack of a barrel Goblins or a horde of Minions, and not throw it against a Giant, and we will not get away with it and thus lose a letter to nothing .

-Use Common cards:

In addition to the epic letters not only these are important. You must also focus and although not enough in the community cards because of their low cost and ease subirles level.

-Use TV Royale for older games

Clash Royale is a game in which not only upgrades as you progress, but also can win by learning from the best.Note that the game has a flange through which to see the best plays of the best players.

-Use Collectively letters

Each card is unique, but we can use them as if they were a team and take out most out collectively. For example you can use it in relation Montapuercos – Freezing which together are lethal separate letters and are not so much.

-Check The average elixir

When configuring the deck you can see the average elixir that you have, and thus know if there are too many cards cost much on our deck. The recommended average is be between 4 and 5 of elixir.

Spend the gems with head

The gems that you are obtaining better and thus save them struggle to get open chests you want.

always updated

You have to be tuned for updates to know that letters have improved or deteriorated and thus whether or not it is necessary that you have in your deck.

Dark Souls Cheats III ps4

Dark Souls Cheats III ps4

Dark Souls III is a saga that reaps success delivery after delivery and now, with his third game, promises to do the same, with the first title in the franchise noticed the shock of difficulty, the second came around everything we knew, now in this Dark Souls 3 we show what we have learned and the adaptability we have acquired over time. If you need it here you have some content that will help unlock the game as you want.


Here we will show you the way conseguiréis the final three who owns the game.  

  1. Link To The First Flame: Interact with the stake after defeating the final boss. 
  2. The End Of Fire: You must find the hidden eyes in the area Graves untended for this end. Use the track Finding untended Graves how to find this area. Go to the temple and reveals the eyes of the wall of illusion. Pick them up and gives eyes the guardian of fire. Kill the final boss. You can light the fire or invoke the guardian. To this end, invokes the guardian (not interact with the stake).
  3. The Usurpation Of Fire: easy to lose and the most complicated. Never heal hollow status.The hollow state is the zombie look. In addition, it performs the following steps as soon as possible, no progress in history or it could lose.

Here you can see a list of the trophies this third installment of Dark Souls hides inside for PlayStation 4:


Covenant: White Way: Discover the pact White Way.

Strongest weapon: Get the best weapon standard reinforcement.

Glass weapon: Get the best weapon with glass reinforcement.

Lightning Weapon: Get the best weapon reinforced lightning.

Basic Weapon: Get the best weapon with basic reinforcement.

Magic Weapon: Get the best weapon with magical reinforcement.

Enchanted weapon: Get the best weapon enchanted reinforcement.

Divine Weapon: Get the best weapon with divine backing.

Concealed weapon: Get the best weapon hidden reinforcement.

Firearm: Get the best weapon fire reinforcement.

Gun mayhem: Get the best weapon reinforced chaos.

Fire: Light a fire.

Estus flask: Get Estus flask.

Reaches Lordran: reaches Lordran.

Bell (Undead Church): Ring the bell Awakening of the Church of the Undead.

Campana (Domains Quelaag): Ring the bell Awakening Domains of Quelaag.

Fanned Rite: Get the rite of Avidado.

Art Walk the Abyss: Get the Art Walk the Abyss. 



Honor Knight: Get all rare weapons.

Knowledge of a wise: Get all spells.

Link of a Pyromancer: Get all piromancias.

Prayer of a lady: Get all miracles.

Covenant: Princess Guard: Discover the princess pact Guard.

Covenant: Sword of the Dark Moon: Discover the Sword of the Dark Moon pact.

Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight: Discover the Warrior of Sunlight covenant.

Covenant: Hunter forest: Discover the Hunter pact forests.

Covenant: Dark Spectrum: Uncover the dark spectrum pact.

Covenant: Way of the Dragon: Discover the Dragon Path pact.

Covenant: Servant of the King of Cemen: Discover the Servant pact King Cemetery.

Covenant: Chaos Servant: Discover Chaos Servant covenant.

Anor Londo reaches: reaches Anor Londo.

Vasija the Lord: Get the vessel of the Lord.

Defeat Nito: Defeat the Soul Lord Nito, King Cemetery.

Defeat Bed of Chaos: Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.

Defeat the four Kings: Defeat the four Kings, heirs of souls.

Defeat Seath the descaling: Defeat Seath the descaling, heir of souls.

Defeat Gwyndolin: Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the God of the Dark Moon.

Priscilla Defeat the Mestizo: Defeat Priscilla the Mestizo, the goddess of death.



Fire Link: Get to the end of “Linking the Fire.”

Dark Lord: Get to the end of “The Dark Lord”.



Dark Soul: You got all trophies. Congratulations!



Fallout Shelter: Tips and Tricks

With “Fallout Shelter” shortens the waiting time for Bethesda “Fallout 4”: The editorial has the best tips and tricks on how to bring your Vault into shape.


​​” Fallout Shelter has Bethesda the perfect game to sweeten the waiting time for ” Fallout 4 ” delivered. The free app for iOS and Android, however, between not only for a short pleasure. The game is in fact quite complex: There are many things to consider in order to keep its residents happy. So attention must be paid to the Board of inhabitants, production of electricity and water treatment. Incidentally, it is important aquirieren by “Dancing” or a radio station new residents. Tips and tricks on how to improve attributes and optimize your supply, you can see in the photo gallery.

Beginner Tips

  • In the beginning you build the three main areas: generator, Diner and water treatment.These are essential to the mood of the inhabitants. But if you plan exactly how many residents you record and you do not build too fast your bunker.
  • Produce not fast food and water, the health of workers decreases. Too little current fall from other rooms. Be not initially too quickly, which relates to the structure – expand rather piecemeal individual rooms, because you have again a lot of roommates, also rising needs into almost immeasurable. And money is in short supply in “Fallout Shelter” …
  • It is important that you be distributed according to your strengths at the individual stations, the workers. Every worker has seven skills, the so-called SPECIAL pts. Pro ability, there are up to ten points.Example: A resident with a high score in thickness (S) is best in the electricity production.Click on the spaces left of its name appears one letter. The population with the highest values ​​in this should be assigned to the space.
  • For each station, other skills are important: in electricity counts above all the strength of workers, while at the diner, the mobility is crucial. Drag a worker on the premises, to see on which it fits best. Published a plus sign, it is better than the weakest workers is currently in that room. No fear of failure: You can exchange later.
  • Instead spaces merge, you should level up until the existing premises. Ensure that the adjacent rooms are not on the same level. Large spaces consume much more energy.
  • Eventually knock not as many visitors from the wasteland on the door, then the only solution is the classic reproduction. To do this, put a man and a woman with a high Charisma value in a bungalow. Make sure that not too many women are simultaneously pregnant, otherwise there is a sudden flood of demand increase. It is best to put a male residents who have a high Charisma value to impregnate several women.
  • Pregnant women should not press any weapons in hand, working on raises for them but not a problem. If a raid or cockroaches infestation they run screaming away. Let therefore pregnant women never work alone or with an unarmed partners in one room.
  • For solving the daily tasks get Packed Lunches, where there are four maps: about weapons, health packs, special or residents money.
  • Click the gear in the top left, you get a quick overview of your residents.
  • Especially at first are scarce Capsules – this you get through level up your workers, sending people into wasteland or by activating the Turbo mode – but beware: It may catch fire like to the space.
  • If you want to equip one of the residents with a weapon or a new outfit, click on the little guy and operate the clothing or fist symbol.
  • Send an equipped working in the wasteland to explore – experience and money waving.
  • Try if possible to achieve the objects, this there are bottle caps and packed lunches.Lunchbox tasks are of course preferred to be processed.
  • As with so many mobile games are also packed lunches with real money can acquire.



Tips & Tricks for Piano Tiles 2 Free


Do you want unlimited resources and unlock all on Piano Tiles 2? On Tricks For All with tricks Piano Tiles 2 is possible !! You just have to try it!

Welcome to Tricks for all when looking you right tricks for Piano Tiles 2, six on the website!

Finally our team he managed to find an error in the game and we created our mod especially for you! Tricks Piano Tiles 2 iact updated at each patch of the game. Why spend money when you can have it all for free? Not continue a spend money with in-app purchases, where with exaggerated prices, you can get a few resources, with tricks Piano Tiles 2 cheats are endless and all !! free

With tricks Piano Tiles 2, you can:

  • have unlimited diamonds
  • have unlimited coins
  • have unlimited energy


These are the characteristics of mod tricks Piano Tiles 2:

  • Compatibility with iOS, Android and Facebook
  • Compatibility with all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
  • It does not require root or jailbreak
  • Based on the Web
  • No need to install any files .apk, .ipa .exe, etc.
  • updated regularly
  • Easy to handle
  • Very safe (anti-detection)

How to download tricks Piano Tiles 2?

Do not worry, it’s very easy. Bottom of the page there are buttons, our tricks are available for smartphone / tablet or PC.
Download from your smartphone or tablet:

  • Select the button, depending on the operating system (The Mod detects the device, without the need to use of PC)
  • Before you can use tricks Piano Tiles 2 must necessarily offer Complete (DO NOT WORRY, IT’S FREE! Follow our GUIDE ).
    When you have completed the offer tricks Piano Tiles 2 automatically opens in your browser.
  • Add what you are interested and button to add awards (you can use it to your liking)
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • END!

Download to PC:

  • Select the button, depending on the operating system.
  • Before you can use tricks Piano Tiles 2 must necessarily offer Complete (DO NOT WORRY, IT’S FREE! Follow our GUIDE ).
    When you have completed the offer tricks Piano Tiles 2 automatically opens in your browser.
  • Colleague their device (The mod will automatically detect the device you are using)
  • Add what you are interested and button to add awards (you can use it to your liking)
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • END!

Tricks Now Piano Tiles 2 and enjoy your game !!

piano tiles 2h



The avid snap chatters among us may know from the trophy case, but for most of us this is something new! The trophy case is a function Snap Chat has always been there but it works very well yet. This has been radically changed in! Now you can earn trophies Snap Chat and below you can read how you earn this Snap Chat trophies.


snapchat tips & Tricks

Snap Chat trophies are a type of rewards you can earn within Snap Chat by performing certain tasks. These tasks vary to a certain number of “snaps” Send to achieve a certain score Snap Chat.

You can view your trophies by following the steps below:

– Open the Snap Chat app on your tablet or smartphone;

– Then go to the menu by pressing the white ghost, you will then be forwarded to your profile;

– In your profile on the trophy at the top of the screen;

– You are now in your trophy cabinet where you can see when your earned trophies.


snapchat trophies tips and tricks

The trophies in Snap Chat you can earn by completing certain tasks within Snap Chat. The trophies you have not yet played freely displayed with a Clasplock. You can find a list of all the trophies you can earn in Snap chat below.

Trophies to earn your score:

Baby  Baby:  Get a Snap Chat score of 100.

Star  Star:  Get a Snap Chat score of 500.

Glitters  Glitters:  Take a Snap Chat score of 1000.

Falling star  Shooting Star:  Get a Snap Chat score of 10.000.

Pop  Pop:  Get a Snap Chat score of 50.000.

Rocket  Rocket:  Get a Snap Chat score of 100.000.

Ghost  Ghost:  Take a Snap Chat score of 500,000.

– Trophies to earn by using filters: 

Finger  Finger:  Send a snap used with a filter.

Peace Sign  Peace sign: Send a snap applied two filters.

Panda  Panda:  Send 50 snaps with the monochrome filter applied.

Snowflake  Snowflake:  Send a snap with a temperature filter that it freezes.

Zonnetje  Sun with face:  Send a snap with a temperature filter that is above 37 ° C.

– Trophies to earn by drawing on your snaps:

Lollipop  Lolly:  Send a snap used by more than 5 pen colors.

Rainbow  Rainbow:  Send 10 snaps with five or more pen colors used.

Pallet  Pallet:  Send 50 snaps with five or more pen colors used.

– Trophies to earn videos:

Video cassette  Videocassette:  Send snap a video.

Old Camera  Old camera:  send 50 video snaps.

Digital camera  Digital Camera:  Send 500 video snaps.

Aapjedieorenbedekt  Monkey which covered his ears:  Send a snap video without sound.

1xherhalen  1x Repeat:  Turn the camera 1x snap in a video.

Repeat  Repeat:  Turn the camera 5x in a video snap.

Refresh  Refresh:  Turn the camera 10x in a video snap.

– Other trophies to earn:

Flashlight  Flashlight:  Send 10 snaps with the flash.

Moon  Half moon with face:  Send 50 snaps in night mode.

Japan Mask  Japanese Mask:  Send selfies 1000.

Magnifying glass  Magnifier:  Send snaps 10 pictures that have been completely zooms.

Microscope  Microscope:  send 10 video snaps that have been zooms.

ABCD  ABCD:  Send 100 snaps with a larger font.

Fried egg  Fried egg:  Send a snap between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning.

– Trophies to earn after the update of December 15:

E-mail  Email:  Verifier your email address in Settings.

Phone  Phone:  Verifier your phone with settings.

Laughing Devil  Laughing devil:  Take a screenshot of a snap.

Sipduiveltje  Sip devil:  Take a screenshot of 10 snaps.

Red Mask  Red mask:  Take a screenshot of 50 snaps.

Radio  Radio:  Add a snap to your live event.

Clapperboard  Slate:  Add 10 snaps to your live event.

Fax  Fax:  Scan 5 snap codes.

Besides the Trophies tricks, you can get access to any snapchat number. This is special trick created by a hacker team, and 100% working. check it out here. : comment pirater un compte snapchat

Mobile Strike Gameplay & Review Latest – Starring Arnold

mobile strike tips and tricks

Equipment Region has been primarily successful with its Recreation of Warfare: Fireplace Age, the epic fantasy -strategy game for cell that has been the world’s top- subject while in the $30 billion portable gaming market since the summer.

Nevertheless now Portable Attack, a mysterious new game, has gone live and is being marketed by a company named Legendary Struggle. Actor Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger will be the front-man for your artwork promoting the current warfare game. Multiple options have told me that Epic Conflict is actually a department of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Equipment Region, and the resources observed the similarity between Game of Mobile and War Affect. Machine Sector can be who owns the Mobile Strike trademark.

After weeks of testing in areas, the sport went worldwide today on iOS Google Play, and Amazon on the global basis. In a reaction to our history, Unit Zone proved that it has created Portable Reach and that Impressive War is its new studio.

“We are extremely excited about the start of Portable Strike and so are thrilled to have an icon like Arnold Schwarzenegger as personification and our spouse of the sport. We chose to adopt the attempted-and true-business model that many builders employ and so are also excited to mention Impressive War, our new business whose team is devoted to acquiring and managing this new sport,” said Gabe Leydon, cofounder and CEO, Machine Region, in a statement. “The new studio will allow us to maintain the present, committed assets in reality as well as to Sport of War, we intend to develop the GOW-targeted executive and customer support clubs. We are constantly trying to enhance the overall game experience for the passionate and dedicated players.”

Machine Region launched Game of Battle within the summer of 2013, and possesses had huge endurance, outstanding inside the top- three grossing listing for some of the past 2 yrs in the nearly $30 million gaming industry. It surpassed Supercell’s Clash of Clans this summer to become the No. 1 moneymaking sport. Unit Area chief executive Gabe Leydon recently discussed his technique that was company’s at our GamesBeat 2015 conference. Profits for Recreation of Warfare are thought to be inside the thousands per-day and vast sums per year.

Mobile Strike is the first Device Region sport to obtain a worldwide debut because the start of Mobile Strike. It’s planning to become a large bet if Mobile Strike’s development bears any resemblance towards the original Recreation of Warfare.

Leydon guess everything on Mobile Strike, placing a group of 80 people about it for 18 months, as GamesBeat has mentioned before. They designed a message structure, so people world wide might join one another in alliances developed a translation level, designed a complicated strategy game that people would come back to over and over, and even raised a round of venture financing to underwrite everything. He even took out a Brilliant Bowl advertising in commercials that obtained a life of the own on facebook, with supermodel Kate Upton. Recreation of Warfare runs on really low-stop Android telephones, providing it the biggest possible distribution among smartphones and drugs.

Unit Sector has attempted to retain the magic heading, and it introduced a fresh number of ads starring singer Mariah Carey in a new plan for Sport of War. Within the No. 1 place for the prime- grossing games, the game has slept during that strategy.

At our affair, Leydon stated that the business has over 550 workers, compared to just 95 prior to the Mobile Strike launch, also it added 200 people in Nevada to manage customer care.

He updated and said that the business was completely occupied retaining Recreation of Conflict continuously running. It’s had some hiccups, just like a current 10-time maintenance interruption as well as a shortterm boycott staged by some high-level players and their alliances. These people needed changes for example better real time performance and small bug fixes.

But also for one of the part, the sport running properly for current Sport of War participants has been held by Machine Region. Sport of War can be a free-to- play with game, where participants can start playing for free, but there is no-limit on how much they are able to invest in electronic items. You can guess that Device Sector can do what it might to persuade Game of Conflict people — specifically those who find themselves spending money in the highest levels as a way to be sure their alliances remain competitive while in the global rankings — that it’ll not lower its expenditure in Sport of Battle, even while it begins selling the brand new game.

I saved the new game today. To date, I’ve been going away about the numerous buttons that can come up that ask me to perform tasks, join alliances, aid coalition people, and buildout my castle. In that way, it’s as being similar to the gameplay of Mobile Strike.

While in the longrun, we believed that Device Zone had to be focusing on new titles. It makes sense for your business to get the infrastructure it build with Recreation of War and utilize it to perform other games centered on various preferred types, including Mobile Attack, on that structure. Mobile Strike seems like a reskin of Battle of Game, detailed with coalition combat in relatively early stages.

Regarding that structure, we were told by Leydon at GamesBeat 2015 backend is built on something we contact variable-messaging, which is really a messaging processing technology. It’s a cousin to Highfrequency trading. It’s not a normal game server. We’re not just unable to process every one of the activities within the game quickly. It’s very interesting tech. We’ve done it . We are able to handle greater than a thousand players playing together simultaneously while in the old type of Mobile Strike. No different sport on the planet can perform that.”

Leydon said he didn’t feel the “multi-title method will probably last,” given how difficult it had been to maintain a global top- grossing game. But there’s an obvious chance here. Nobody has created the modern warfare type — which can be enormous about the Computer as well as the units in to a constantly high ranking top- grossing game on mobile devices with companies such as Battlefield and Call of Duty —. they represent no threat to the top three games, although you will find titles like Modern Warfare by Gree, Modern Combat by Gameloft.

Need to play another thing and machine Sector needs to be ready having a new game incase people eventually get fed up with Sport of Struggle.

He explained, “2017 is likely to be, about the circulation part, probably three to five times harder than it’s now. People complain about how difficult it’s today. People in 2017 say we’d it easy and will appear back. The difficulty of managing a sport across all devices and all territories will rise. Certain requirements for a business to be able to perform on that in a higher-quality method may go up accordingly. I can observe effective global sport firms growing to the array of thousands of people.

“Where I try to location the company—there’s a lot of instruments and technology and techniques that don’t occur play right now -to- for-free. Keep ahead of the curve and we have to create them. Niccolo [De Masi of Glu Mobile] solves them with stars, that will be entirely practical and considers submission problems. I see it as an engineering issue that there presently isn’t an answer for. That’s what we’re dedicating our R&D toward.”

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